About Acupuncture

Modern research shows that acupuncture is safe and highly effective for treating many conditions. The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture and Oriental medicine as effective for over 43 common ailments. Because patients are now seeking natural ways to resolve their health concerns, acupuncture has become the fastest growing form of healthcare today. The Chinese have been using acupuncture for thousands of years. During this time they have observed the body and how it responds to imbalances in life, internal and external, and developed a complete system for understanding the workings of the body and mind. Acupuncture restores health by stimulating the body’s natural healing responses and increasing its resistance to disease. Traditional Chinese acupuncture recognizes that many times aches, pains and other discomforts are only symptoms of a deeper, underlying health problem. Therefore, a comprehensive diagnosis is compiled which takes into account the whole individual rather than simply categorizing symptoms into a disease. The basis of acupuncture is to build the body’s own immune system so that disease will not penetrate the body. Health is improved by correcting imbalances in the body and allowing it to heal itself naturally. Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world, yet its continued use is strong proof of the power of this medicine! 


Chinese herbal medicine is an ancient, highly elaborate system of natural healing that has been used by billions of people for all kinds of health conditions. As medicine, it actually predates acupuncture. A Chinese herbal formula is a wonderful complement to an acupuncture treatment, as it works on different substrates in the body and maintains continuity in therapeutic intervention. Whereas acupuncture works more on the level of energy, Chinese herbs work more on the level of blood and have specific therapeutic effects on certain organs of the body, such as the liver. Like acupuncture, herbs balance the systems of the body by regulating the functioning of the internal organs, clearing blockages, strengthen deficiencies and expelling any excess factors. Chinese herbs stimulate the body’s healing process through a deep rebalancing of the system. This allows symptoms to be relieved by going to the root of the problem.
Theresa has also done extensive research and study in western herbs; so she utilizes them along with Chinese herbal medicine.


I encourage all of my patients to choose an organic whole foods diet, as many health experts agree this is our best bet for improving health and preventing disease. A whole foods diet consists of eating foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. Increasing your intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and legumes can have a positive impact on your health. These ‘natural’ foods are nutritionally balanced and provide the phytonutrients, fiber and good fats that your body needs. Opting for fresh, “real” foods while limiting the amounts of sugar, white flour, additives and various ingredients often found in processed and packaged foods can dramatically improve your health.
Chinese Medicine recognizes that different foods produce different effects in the body depending on a person’s constitution. Foods are described by their flavors, temperature, actions and the areas of the body they affect. The energetic quality of a food based on Chinese Medicine has a therapeutic effect on the body just as the chemical makeup of food effects the body from a Western point of view. We believe nutritional guidelines should be set according to you as an individual. Certain foods may be recommended in abundance or in moderation, depending on your specific imbalances. This plan will bring your health into a balanced state. Eating a broad range of nourishing foods is typically recommend for everyone.

Keeping a healthy relationship with food by managing our stress, expressing our emotions and being aware of our thoughts and habits is key to making lasting change. If you’re habitually turning to food for comfort or immediate gratification it may indicate a deeper imbalance that is in need of healing. Recent research shows that if your body does not get the proper whole food nutrition it needs it simply cannot be healthy. My goal is to help you create a long-term plan that works for you. A solution that’s balanced, authentic and enjoyable!